Resume Writing and Mock Interviews

I had some friends over a few weeks ago to help them with updating or creating a resume.  They have been told that Lay Offs are in the near future with their current employers, so this helped to empower them and not feel so helpless.  We were able to put down on paper what their duties and responsibilities are,  and emphasized thier strong points. 

You could hear the clicking of the laptops as they typed from outside of the house!!!

We are going to get together again this weekend to review the resumes and make any changes/additions they would like.  It was great to see them excited and proud about their accomplishments.  If we have time after the resumes are done, I think we will work on “Mock Interviews”, and help prepare them for over the phone and in person type of interviews.  That is a lot, so I think we might put that off for another time!

It felt so good to talk again about job descriptions, responsibilities, etc…and what they mean.  I really miss my work as a Senior Recruiter talking to potential candidates about positions, and this gave me a taste of what I was doing before the Reduction in Force last March.

What else can I do to help these folks?…..


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